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This is magic.

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I re worked and translated another old comic of mine, it sums up all my knowledge about babies.

This is why none of my friends let me near their kids.

This is why police doesn’t let me write poetry.

Rebloging because I fixed a Typo…


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I laughed way too more than I should of all of them.

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Mermaid Tattoo

Because mermaids get tattooed too.

I also admit that I suffer the George Lucas Syndrome and this is like the seventh version of this one after the original and I can finally let it rest as I should.

Move on man… move on.


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This was just fulfilling in so many ways…

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This is silly records don’t work like that, stop it.


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High Hopes

A Tee about hope or something now available at DBH.


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Smooth Criminal.

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Running wild now at design by humans because you know… you can’t prove this never happened.


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Oh my…

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I’ve been thinking about you

Is now available at Designs by Humans if you want to express that deep down everything is about cheese, I mean love here’s an approach to that sentiment.


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Pay for my food